Moments That Matter: What Couples Often Forget To Include In Their Wedding Day Schedule

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Planning a wedding is like choreographing a Broadway show. There are so many moving parts: the venue, the food, the vows, not to mention the unexpected solos—yes, we’re looking at you, Aunt Sally.

Every couple wants to create a seamless day filled with dreamy Instagrammable moments. But while you’re busy perfecting the big-ticket items, it’s shockingly easy to overlook the little moments that can make your day truly unforgettable.

So, let’s press pause on the wedding planner spreadsheet for a moment and delve into what often gets left off the schedule. Trust us, you’ll want to make room for these.

The In-Between Moments

Couples often overlook those “in-between” moments that aren’t part of the formal ceremony or reception. I’m talking about things like a quick walk outside to decompress, a stroll through the ceremony or reception space to truly appreciate your venue, or 15 minutes to simply talk and soak it all in with your new spouse.

Trust me; it’s easy to get swept away by the day’s events and forget to spend a few minutes with the person you just married. But if you realize this beforehand, you can be proactive and ensure you won’t be left with any regrets later.

Self-Care Pit Stops

Everyone talks about self-care nowadays, but what about on your wedding day?

Carving out a ton of time for just yourself or your spouse may seem unrealistic with a packed wedding schedule, but you don’t need to participate in a full-on yoga session in the middle of your reception (although that could be cool).

IVASHstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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