She Isn’t Inviting Her Brother To Her Wedding Because He Has Never Been Supportive of Her Relationship

alter_photo - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman and her fiancée, 26, have been in a relationship since high school.

Now, they’ve been dating for nine years. Then, on her fiancée’s birthday in April, she proposed. She was ecstatic when her fiancée accepted her proposal, and the wedding planning process began.

Their wedding date was set for January because she and her fiancée have always dreamed of a winter wedding. Last week, they sent out invitations.

Yesterday, her brother, 33, called her, and he was furious that he hadn’t been invited to the wedding.

“My brother has never been accepting of me being a lesbian. When I first came out, he was very certain that I was simply ‘confused’ and just ‘hadn’t found the right man yet.’ Over the years I’ve been with my fiancée, he’s been constantly criticizing her and our relationship, talking about how it was doomed to fail because one day, we’d realize what we were missing,” she said.

Several years ago, due to her brother’s disrespectful comments, she went low-contact with him and only saw him at family gatherings. After she got engaged, her brother still continued the negativity toward her relationship with her fiancée.

“When we announced our engagement, he literally asked if we were sure about it because ‘divorces are so stressful.’ I mean, if anyone knows stuff about divorces, it must be him and his soon-to-be three ex-wives,” she shared.

While on the phone, her brother demanded to know why he wasn’t invited to her wedding.

“I asked why he had expected an invitation after having absolutely no faith in our relationship for almost a decade, but he got defensive and talked about how not inviting close family to my wedding was beyond rude,” she continued.

alter_photo – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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