She Just Learned That Her Husband Was Still Married When They Started Dating And Had A Baby Together, So He’s Nothing But A Cheater And A Liar

Tatyana Gladskih - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 36-year-old woman and her 43-year-old husband just celebrated four years of being married, and unfortunately, her life isn’t as picture-perfect as she thought it was.

Six years ago, she started dating her husband, and she met him in her town. Her husband was in her area for a military assignment that was supposed to last a year.

When she did meet her husband, he revealed to her that his ex-wife was awful to him and had cheated on him for more than half the decade they had spent together.

She felt terrible for her husband when he relayed all of this information to her, and all of his loved ones backed up his story, so she had no reason not to believe what he was saying.

Things with her husband progressed quickly, and she ended up living with him very soon into their relationship.

She also got pregnant fast, and her husband proposed to her a couple of months into her pregnancy, though he asked to have a long engagement, which ended up lasting around two years.

“It all happened super fast, but I was wildly in love and didn’t think anything was wrong with my happy little family until one day, out of the total blue, I received a Facebook message from his ex-wife, calling me a homewrecker…” she explained.

Her husband’s ex-wife also called her son some ugly names, and she was quite puzzled over the whole thing.

Remember, her husband had said he wasn’t married when she began dating him. Instead of replying to her husband’s ex-wife, she confronted him about it.

Tatyana Gladskih – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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