She Thought She Was Living In A Fairytale Relationship, But Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Out of The Blue And Said He’s Just Not Madly In Love With Her

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This 31-year-old woman was dumped over the weekend by her 38-year-old boyfriend, and it was completely out of the blue.

She cannot understand why her boyfriend would end things, as she truly believed their relationship was a fairytale.

They had been dating for close to 7 months, and they really had a wonderful time together. They participated in a lot of different activities, they laughed often, they went on three different vacations, and they met one another’s loved ones.

In the middle of August, she even went to another country to meet her boyfriend’s friends and family.

Her boyfriend had asked her to come on this trip, and he reassured her that he wanted her there because he was “trying to commit” to her and wanted to show her off to his family so they would know he was happy.

Throughout their relationship, though, her boyfriend never said anything to her about how he did feel about her, but she figured it was due to the trauma of his past.

“He never confessed his feelings, and I didn’t want to pressure him as I knew his heart was broken twice before, and at his age, his longest relationship was 1 year,” she explained. “So I waited and fell for him hard.”

After meeting his family, her boyfriend mentioned that they all adored her, but when they returned from their trip, he started to pull away.

“When I asked about the feelings, he said he felt something at the beginning, but then “the plane never took off,” and he doesn’t love me,” she said.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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