She’s Angry With Her Mom For Not Allowing Her To Inherit Her Grandma’s Heirloom Jewelry For Her Wedding Day

Piman Khrutmuang - illustrative purposes only

If you’re married, did you ever receive a special family heirloom as a wedding gift?

Many people are really into following the “something old” tradition during a wedding and giving the bride a piece of jewelry or something handed down from generations.

One woman is very angry with her mom, who is refusing to pass down a piece of her grandmother’s jewelry in honor of her wedding as she did for her sister.

Her parents came from very different backgrounds. Her dad came from a family of old money, while her mom didn’t. Although her parents went through a messy divorce two years ago, her mom still kept the antique, valuable jewelry pieces her dad’s mom gave her years ago.

Since the divorce, her relationship with her mom has been rough. Her mom remarried a year after her parents split to a man with a very humble lifestyle. Her mom stopped reaching out to her and her sister as much and started paying more attention to her new stepkids.

For instance, she had a baby a few months ago, and her mom has hardly visited. 

“They live life very simple and small; that is their choice,” she said.

“My mom will never receive something extravagant again.”

Last year, her sister got married, and her mom eventually gave her a very old and beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet passed down from her dad’s family. This was expected, as when she and her sister were kids, her mom promised to give them each a piece of jewelry from their grandmother.

Piman Khrutmuang – illustrative purposes only

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