She’s Discussing Why She Thinks The Dating Scene In 2023 Is So Terrible

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Dating is difficult. It always has been, and it probably always will be. But dating in this day and age is a whole different challenge.

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly half of the adults in the United States feel that dating has become harder than ever in the last ten years. TikToker Katelyn Molina (@katelynmolove) is discussing why she believes the dating scene in 2023 is so terrible.

With the invention of dating apps, people are mainly meeting each other online nowadays. Technology has helped maximize our options, but it has also made it tougher to get to know people in an authentic way.

As a result, Katelyn believes that adults don’t know how to build genuine connections anymore. Even when you think a genuine connection is being formed–the date went well, and you had a great conversation–the following day, you might get an icky feeling that makes you cringe inwardly.

This cringy feeling may arise from remembering how you or the other person behaved on the date. And then, you end up dismissing a future with that person and move on to the next one since there seems to be no shortage of people to meet.

“And that is what we’re stuck in right now. This constant loop of there’s something better; there’s something else out there, you are not good enough–that kind of feeling,” said Katelyn.

The endless choices make choosing the right partner more difficult. Dating in the digital age is frustrating, but you’re not alone in the struggle.

Several TikTok users added to the discussion by chiming in with their own reasons and personal experiences for why dating is so impossible.

“Lack of courage, honestly, same goes with making friends. It takes time and effort, people have things going on. You can’t expect someone to be perfect,” commented one user.

Syda Productions – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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