She’s Pushing Her Husband To Make Friends With Other Couples, But He’s Insecure About This Since He Thinks She Cheated On Him

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If you move a long distance away from everyone you know, making new friends can be tricky. Leaving everything behind can cause homesickness and yearning for what you’re used to.

Getting accustomed to new people and a new community is a huge adjustment and takes time. Even though a big move can be exciting, it’s often not without some complicated, sometimes painful emotions.

This woman and her husband moved away from their family and close friends 15 years ago.

After the move, they struggled to meet new people and make friends.

“Between raising four little children, military deployments overseas, and evening MBA classes, it’s been tough for either of us to find time for social get-togethers,” she said.

Over the years, as their children became less dependent, she started to feel like she’d have more time to make friends.

Her hope was to find other couples so that both she and her husband could hang out with their friends as a group. However, her husband didn’t like the idea, and he got frustrated and sick of her constantly bringing up the topic.

“I asked him why he doesn’t want to build mutual friendships, and he said it’s because he thinks I had a physical affair with another man (which I absolutely did not),” she explained.

Despite not having a physical affair with anyone, she has had conversations with friends that crossed the line, but she is no longer friends with those people.

YanB studio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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