She Made A Lady At Her Local Animal Shelter Cry After She Was Denied From Adopting A Cat Due To How She Answered A Question On The Application

Mila Supinskaya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cats

This 24-year-old girl has been attempting to adopt a cat from one of her local shelters for some time now, and she’s hardly new to owning cats.

In fact, she has always had cats when she was little, and when she moved out of her mom and dad’s home, she knew she could not take any of the family cats with her, as they are all super bonded to her mom and dad, as well as their family dog.

She knew it would have been mean of her to take one of the family cats away from the home that they know and love, so she moved out without any pets.

She ended up moving several hours away from home so she could be nearby to her college she’s currently going to, and she’s finding herself incredibly homesick.

“Like many, I deal with anxiety and depression, and it feels very heavy lately, even with my partner living with me,” she explained.

“I always feel better when I’m around animals, and my partner and I are big cat lovers, so we decided to look at a shelter that specializes in senior cats for one to adopt.”

“I never got any positive answer back, so I decided to go in person and ask the lady in charge of accepting or refusing applications if there was something more I could add to the applications in the future that would higher my chances of being accepted since the shelter is at max capacity, but we keep getting rejected.”

This woman actually pointed to one particular section of the form she had filled out, where it asked what would make her ever give up a pet, and said her answer was the issue.

How she answered this question is that she would never, ever give a pet up unless she passed away and none of her loved ones could take her pet in. She then added that under no voluntary circumstances would she give up her pet.

Mila Supinskaya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cats

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