She’s Showing You Her Eyeshadow Hack To Help Make Any Shimmery, Metallic Pigment Look Even Better

vladim_ka - illustrative purposes only

This simple yet stunning eyeshadow hack will give your makeup look an extra shimmer this fall.

One of the most fun and interesting things about makeup is all of the different looks you can create, even just by using the typical everyday products that you have on hand.

It is always exciting to discover how you can accomplish a brand-new look, all while using the same items you already have in your makeup collection.

TikToker and makeup artist Katie Hughes (@katiejanehughes) shows how quickly an ordinary shimmery eyeshadow can transform into a bold and opaque pigment that leaves an almost creme-like finish on the eyes.

First, she applies a light blue shimmery eye shadow onto one of her eyelids, showing the pretty and soft look that it creates.

Next, to quickly create a more intense shade, she sprays her eyeshadow brush with a setting spray before dipping it into the same eyeshadow and applying it to her other lid.

The difference between the two looks is so shocking, it is really hard to believe that they are both made using the same exact eyeshadow!

To finish off the bold and shimmery look she has just created, Katie then blends out the edges of the blue color.

First, she uses the same brush she used to apply the shadow, and then she blends again with a clean and dry brush to really make sure that that color is properly diffused.

vladim_ka – illustrative purposes only

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