A Guy Went On A Date With Her 48 Hours After His 10 Month Relationship Ended

Photo 293438455 © Anekoho - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Some people feel ready to start dating again shortly after parting ways with an ex, while others need more time to process their feelings and heal from the hurt.

Either way, I’m sure people from both of these groups can agree that jumping into dating two days after a breakup is much too soon.

TikToker Dani (@dani.coco1) is describing a particularly maddening date she went on with a guy who revealed that his ten-month relationship had ended just 48 hours ago, yet he was all prepared to start things up with someone new.

“There is something so annoying about going on a date with someone and having them drop some crazy information like 25 minutes in,” started Dani.

One summer, she went out with a guy to an Italian restaurant. He seemed like an interesting person and was fun to talk to, but she sensed that something was a little odd about him. About 25 minutes into the date, he asked her when her last relationship was.

She informed him that she was recently single and had gone through a breakup two months prior. He laughed at her response, causing Dani to be utterly confused.

He stated that two months wasn’t that recent. Based on his reaction, she assumed that he was also newly single and asked him how long ago his last relationship ended.

He explained to her that he had been single for about 48 hours. He had gone through a really bad breakup on Sunday.

Their date was on Tuesday. Dani told him that she didn’t think they were on the same page when it came to relationships.

Photo 293438455 © Anekoho – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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