Haitian Folklore Is Filled With Tales Of Mermaids, And He’s Sharing A Freaky Story About A Family Member’s Encounter With One At A Street Market

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Most people’s knowledge of mermaids is limited to Disney’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid or sirens from ancient Greek mythology. As a result, the aquatic creatures are often viewed through a Western lens.

But actually, they can be found in legends across many cultures worldwide. Did you know that Haitian folklore is rife with tales of mermaids?

TikToker Kenko (@oblivioustosociety) is sharing a story about his mom’s cousin, who lives in Haiti, and how he had an encounter with a mermaid.

One day, the cousin was shopping for some stuff at a street market, which sold herbs, medicine, fruits, and vegetables. While there, he saw a beautiful girl with ginger hair.

So, he strolled over to her, wheeling his bicycle alongside him, and started chatting away. However, she didn’t utter a single word back. Instead, she just stood there looking at him, shaking her head up and down.

When she finished gathering all the supplies she needed from the market into a large bowl, he offered to carry it for her as he walked her home. He placed the bowl on his bicycle, and they started heading toward the countryside where she lived.

As they made their way through the woods, they suddenly came across a wide, deep river. He turned to the girl and asked how she was supposed to get across the river.

In response, she approached the riverbank, then looked at him and grabbed her stuff back from him. The river split open, and she jumped in. That was the last thing he remembered before he passed out. Afterward, he didn’t speak to anyone for a whole month.

In the video, Kenko noted that he was surprised the mermaid didn’t grab his mom’s cousin and take him with her because mermaids are known for kidnapping people. Mermaids also have the ability to transform into beautiful, attractive beings to lure people into their traps.

Guy – – illustrative purposes only

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