He Fell In Love With A Girl He Met By Chance In New York City, But He Flew To Toronto To See Her, And She Said She Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

Mehmed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old guy recently met a 22-year-old girl in New York City two months ago. They met completely by chance.

She happened to be on a business trip, and they were both leaving a bar at the exact same time. He knew she wouldn’t be able to safely make it back to her hotel, so he offered to walk her there, and she accepted his offer.

“Before we parted ways, I asked her if she wanted to go on a date the next day, and she said yes,” he explained.

“So the next day, we went on a date, and we had a wonderful time. The next day, she goes back to Toronto. We have texted every day and called once or twice a week for two months.”

“It’s not ideal, but you have to understand that I am a romantic, and to me, our relationship felt like it could be from a movie. I also have (for all intents and purposes) never been in any serious sort of romantic relationship before.”

He decided to take a trip to see her, and he’s in Toronto right now. He’s hanging out with her and having a wonderful time.

Yesterday, he even got up the nerve to admit to her that he has a huge crush on her. To be honest, he’s really falling in love with her.

But when he did tell her about how he feels, she laughed, and he asked her if she felt the same way, but she said she didn’t.

He was pretty shocked that she said no because even though he never directly said he had a crush on her over the past few months, he made it pretty obvious.

Mehmed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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