Her Boyfriend Is Stingy About Everything, And It’s Negatively Impacting Their Relationship

antgor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old woman has known her 34-year-old boyfriend for quite some time, but they have been dating for a little under three years so far.

She’s not going to lie and say that everything in their relationship is great except for a few things because things are hardly great overall.

However, the one thing that she thinks is really impacting their relationship in a negative way is the fact that her boyfriend is stingy.

“He ate half the Halloween candy, which he refused to buy in the first place because “why do we have to give them [neighborhood kids] anything?” He specifically picked out all the Snickers and Sour Patch Kids,” she explained.

“I had to go buy more and hide it until last night. I told him I expected him to pay half, and he said ok, but made me feel like I was being petty.”

“He drinks maybe 3-5 cans of my diet soda per week and never replaces it. Now I have to hide it, which is ridiculous. He’s fit but can’t control himself with stuff.”

She doesn’t call him out every single time, though, since she doesn’t want their relationship to be tit for tat.

But, she’s left being the one giving or doing more. This also happens when it comes to what they do around the house, and she cooks and cleans more as she’s the one who works from home.

A piece of her is happy to do more around the house, as she thinks it is fair since her boyfriend spends $200 more a month than her on the rent.

antgor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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