Her Dad’s Fiancée Is Cruel To Her Behind Her Dad’s Back, But She’s Worried That Telling Him Will Ruin His Happiness

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Ever since this 16-year-old girl was quite little, her biological mom wanted nothing to do with her, so she has always lived with her dad, and it was just the two of them for the longest time.

Her dad did have a handful of girlfriends over the years, but he never was that serious about any of them.

That all changed two years ago when her dad met Daisy. She was super happy for her dad in the beginning, and her dad always went out of his way to make sure she was happy, so it was finally his turn.

“Daisy seemed nice when I met her, and she was nice when she moved in, that was until my dad started leaving us both alone together, and it was like a switch flipped,” she explained.

“She would give me attitude, constantly tell me about how much [junk] I put my dad through, she would insult my appearance, and she would yell at me for seemingly minor things.”

On one particular occasion, she knocked her water glass off the table by accident, and it spilled all across the floor.

She went to grab a mop to clean up the mess, and as she was in the middle of that, Daisy began screaming at her for being so irresponsible. Daisy also yelled that she wasn’t going to help her clean up, even though she didn’t expect Daisy to and was already cleaning it alone.

She hasn’t said a word to her dad about how cruel Daisy is behind his back, as she doesn’t want to destroy his happiness. Her dad proposed to Daisy on Thanksgiving in front of his family and her family. She tried her best to slap on a smile and pretend to be thrilled for them, but she definitely wasn’t.

They all had Thanksgiving dinner in their backyard, and at one point, she got up to go get her phone from inside the house.

Photo 179175553 © Vadymvdrobot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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