Her Husband Served Her With Divorce Papers And Won’t Tell Her Why, And He Doesn’t Know She’s Pregnant

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

14 years ago, this 32-year-old woman ended up getting pregnant with her 53-year-old family friend named Jordan.

They had a super quick wedding after getting pressured by her family, and as she and Jordan got comfortable with married life, they discussed whether they should have more kids.

Jordan told her that he always dreamed of an enormous family (like, seven kids kind of enormous), whereas she was fine having another child, but she didn’t want as many as Jordan did.

Jordan then ended up getting a promotion at work and had to work more demanding hours, while she quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom to their daughter.

When their daughter turned 5 and began kindergarten, they decided to try to have another baby. Two years later, with no luck, she wound up being diagnosed with cancer, which put their family plans on hold as she got treated.

After she overcame her battle with cancer, she and Jordan went back to trying to build their family, but sadly, she suffered from several miscarriages.

“Well, after a few months of this he tells me that he’s sick and tired of getting his hopes up only to be let down, and that if I get pregnant I should just not tell him until I was 3/4 months along, since the risk of a miscarriage would go down significantly then. I agree and follow this rule,” she explained.

“As of last month, I noticed that Jordan has become distant. He takes longer shifts at work, he isn’t as [close] with me anymore, and he pretty much ignores our daughter and me completely, while before, he always made sure to at least greet and hug her, even if he was running a bit late. And then, about a week ago, I get served with divorce papers while he’s at work. He refuses to tell me why he wants one and is insistent that it isn’t a problem I can fix.”

“The only problem is that I’m pregnant and was planning to tell him the news the literal day I was served since I had passed the 4-month mark. Now, however, I’m worried about how to tell him. I have to disclose that I’m pregnant on the paperwork since that affects possible child support and custody, and I don’t want to lie to a judge, but I also want to tell him myself instead of having him find out through the court.”

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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