Her Husband Wants To Divorce Her Because She Made A Joke About Cheating, And She Did Cheat On Him In The Past

Drazen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 29-year-old woman met her 35-year-old husband back in 2017, and they got married this year. Now, back in 2019, she ended up cheating on him. While they were living together at the time, she says their relationship was pretty rocky.

She got drunk one night and ended up sleeping with her ex from high school. She admits it was an awful decision on her part, and she’s completely to blame for it.

It was only after she got married to her husband that he confronted her about her cheating, and she admitted it.

“He said he kind of knew about it but still wanted to get married [to] me, and he knows I’ve been loyal, so he said he will put this in the past,” she explained.

“We were watching a TV show, and the show was spicy and dramatic, [a] married girl was flirting with her highschool ex in front of her husband thing. And I joked about it, “Omg, that’s so NTR, what the heck, hahaha,” and things got really cold (NTR is a Japanese term for a genre about someone stealing your wife, etc., basically cheating).”

Her husband told her to stop it, and she figured it was because he didn’t like her using the term that she did, but in fact, her husband was referencing her cheating in the past.

It then slowly dawned on her that the remark she made was entirely inconsiderate, especially since her husband is still quite hurt over her cheating.

Her husband responded that she is careless and never was sorry about cheating on him. He then wanted to know how she could make a joke about something like that, as if she had any remorse, she never would do such a thing.

Her husband stated that he can no longer live with the betrayal, and he figured she was, at the very least still feeling guilty, but clearly, she wasn’t.

Drazen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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