Her Sister-In-Law Didn’t Follow Her Wedding Color Scheme And Wound Up Looking Very Washed Out In The Photos, But She Refused To Have Her Sister-In-Law’s Outfit Photoshopped To Better Match Everyone Else And Got Accused Of “Publicly Shaming” Her Sister-In-Law

Anntuan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever set a specific dress code or theme for your wedding or another event and had a guest who completely got it wrong?

One woman’s sister-in-law showed up to her wedding wearing colors completely different from her theme and became very upset when she didn’t Photoshop her outfit in the wedding photos.

She and her husband are both in their 30s and got married this past July. They set their wedding theme as “Faerie court,” which meant everyone had to show up in jewel-toned dresses and suit jackets. 

They wanted their wedding to look quite dramatic with a forest vibe and deep jewel tones. She and her husband clarified this to all of their guests, and mostly everyone except for her sister-in-law complied.

“My sister-in-law shows up in a blush pink dress, and her boyfriend in a cream suit jacket,” she recalled.

“She thought that that would make her pop, I guess. She is an attention seeker, by the testimony of everyone but her mom. Jokes on her; my dress was gold and shimmery, and my husband was in an emerald green jacket. Also, I was wearing a full-on crown, [so there was] no mistaking who the bride was.”

After the wedding, her wedding photographer showed her all the photos with her sister-in-law and her boyfriend in them. Her sister-in-law and her boyfriend stuck out like sore thumbs, and the colors they were wearing were so different from everyone else that they looked washed out.

The photographer asked if she’d like to Photoshop them so their clothes didn’t stick out so much. She said no and told the photographer she could make them look a bit nicer but that she shouldn’t touch their clothes.

When she posted the wedding photos on social media, her sister-in-law and her boyfriend still looked different and washed out from everyone else. Her sister-in-law was not happy when she saw them.

Anntuan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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