His Sister-In-Law Wouldn’t Stop Complaining About Her Ex And Throwing Around Buzzwords During A Nice Dinner, So He Asked Her If She Had A Degree In Psychology

Jose Calsina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have someone in your life who will find any reason to talk about their ex?

One man recently snapped at his sister-in-law, who wouldn’t stop complaining about her ex-boyfriend as if she were a licensed psychologist at what was supposed to be a nice dinner.

He’s married to his wife, and they’re both in their 30s. His wife has a 24-year-old sister named Suzy, who was recently over at their house for what was supposed to be a nice evening of dinner and drinks. 

Unfortunately, just before the dinner, Suzy had broken up with her boyfriend of two years. 

Suddenly, once Suzy arrived at their house, it was as if the sole purpose of her visit was to vent about her ex-boyfriend. She started venting not long after she got there, and she would not stop.

He tried to change the subject several times, but after about an hour of listening to Suzy bash her ex, he decided to head into the kitchen to start cooking dinner and have some alone time. But then, his wife and Suzy decided to sit at their kitchen island and continue drinking and chatting while he cooked.

“Every single word out of Suzy’s mouth was about her ex, and it wasn’t just normal badmouthing,” he explained.

“She was using a bunch of clinical and therapy buzzwords like ‘narcissist,’ ‘gaslighting,’ ‘toxic,’ ‘disregarding boundaries,’ etc. I tried to change the topic multiple times but to no avail. I tried turning on music to drown out Suzy’s psycho-babble, but she just talked over it.”

At one point, Suzy told a story about her ex and asked him if he thought it was something a narcissist would do. He told her since he wasn’t a psychologist, he wouldn’t know, hoping she’d take the hint that she should lay off the ex-talk for a while.

Jose Calsina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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