She Matched With A Guy On A Dating App Who Seemed To Be Exactly What She Was Looking For, But She Later Found Out He Didn’t Have A Place Or Any Money To Pay For Their First Date

Minerva Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A TikTok user named Erin Joyce (@erinej12) is spilling the details of a first date she went on with a guy who had no money and no home.

So, she matched with a guy on a dating app named Brad. He was cute and tall, which was actually what she was looking for in a romantic partner. She reached out to him, and he started sending her voice messages right away.

She was pleasantly surprised by the quickness of his response, especially since the voice messages allowed her to hear what he sounded like.

As they got to chatting, he mentioned how some girls had told him he probably shouldn’t be dating yet since he had just gotten out of a relationship a few months ago.

He asked her out that same night, and they decided to go out for drinks. They were having a great time together, and she noted that he had a nice personality and looked exactly like his profile picture.

While on the date, he proceeded to tell her about his last relationship, which was with someone who struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse. Apparently, he had to pay for her rehab treatment. As a result, he didn’t have any money, so Erin was forced to pick up the tab for their date.

He also claimed he had a good job but just didn’t have a place to live at the moment. So, he was crashing on a friend’s couch. Thirty minutes later, Erin found out that the “friend” was actually a girl who had a crush on him at one point.

Erin knew then that the date was a bust and that things wouldn’t work out with Brad. But at least she would never have to see him again after their date. The conversation continued for a while longer, and she found out that Brad didn’t have any family and was once homeless for a time.

By the end of the night, he revealed that he was being sued by the father of the girl he was currently crashing with. He wanted to inform Erin so she wouldn’t be shocked by this piece of news in case they started dating.

Minerva Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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