She’s Discussing How “Haul Culture” On Social Media Isn’t Sustainable And Is Recommending Long-Lasting, Classic Pieces To Invest In Instead

Finally, she concluded her list of recommendations with a brand-new black Gucci bag, which was the same price as the haul. The bag was inspired by the brand’s collection from 1955, so it’s a timeless style.

You may not be getting as many items, but if you purchase higher-quality items, your clothes will last longer, and you’ll spend money less frequently.

“I really passionately believe if you buy better and buy less, you will have a closet that satisfies you and not feel the need to buy, buy, buy, buy,” she said.

Several TikTok users agreed with her philosophy and said that they would rather not have to replace their clothes by the next year.

“When I was in middle school I got a pair of leather riding boots that literally lasted me from 13 to 23. I even got them re-soled twice! Worth it,” commented one user.

“Love this message. I spent a few hundred dollars per piece I buy. I buy close to nothing, though. The cost per wear is LOW when you buy the good stuff,” declared another.

“100% right. My entire closet has been built around well-made accessories and staple pieces like Burberry trenches/blazers,” wrote a third.


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