She’s Friends With The Photographer Who Worked At Her Brother’s Wedding, And They Sent Her A Sibling Photo Taken On Their Cellphone, So She Posted It On Social Media, But Her New Sister-In-Law Was Furious That She Wasn’t Included And Didn’t Get To Approve The Image First

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s older brother, who is 39, just got married to his 37-year-old girlfriend two weeks ago. Apparently, the happy couple had been together for eight years.

While she was happy for her brother, though, she and her new sister-in-law have always had a rocky relationship.

“I think my sister-in-law’s bossy, entitled, and I’ve never loved the way she talks to our parents specifically,” she admitted.

Nonetheless, she’s just glad that her brother is happy, which is why she did everything she could to ensure the wedding was a beautiful day.

For instance, she designed all of the invitations and signage. She also helped her mom create the labels for a whopping 400 wedding favors.

She didn’t charge her brother or his wife for this, either. Instead, she was glad to volunteer her time and skills because the groom was her brother.

One of her close friends also happened to be the photographer for the event, which allowed her brother and sister-in-law to get a significant discount on photo services.

However, the fact that she was friends with the photographer also started some major drama following the big day.

It all began just yesterday when her photographer friend decided to send her a picture of just her and her three siblings at the wedding.

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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