Stop Brushing Your Teeth After Completing Your Skincare: It Could Actually Do More Harm Than Good By Wiping Away Product And Leaving Behind Toothpaste Residue

Photo 143339278 © Viacheslav Iacobchuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re getting ready for work or school in the morning, sometimes our routines can get a little chaotic, especially if you’re running late.

When the clock is ticking, sometimes the order of your morning routine gets a bit botched. However, there is one rule you should always try to follow, no matter what your day is looking like. Make sure to brush your teeth before your skincare routine.

Many of us like to save brushing our teeth for the very end of our morning routine right before we rush out the door, so we have plenty of time at home to drink coffee and eat breakfast. Additionally, a lot of us like to do our skincare not long after we wake up, as it’s best to do it before putting our make-up on, getting dressed, etc.

However, if you’re brushing your teeth after washing your face and finishing up your skincare routine, you could be doing more harm than good.

When you brush your teeth, it’s nearly impossible not to leave behind some kind of toothpaste or saliva residue around your mouth. It’s just the way it is, especially if you’re brushing your teeth for an appropriate amount of time.

Sure, you may wipe it away with a towel, but there’s still saliva and residue that gets left behind. So if you do your skincare, then brush your teeth and wipe the bottom of your face, it’s as if you’re replacing your moisturizer with saliva and toothpaste.

Leaving toothpaste residue on your skin will likely irritate it over time, causing dryness, cracked lips, and clogged pores. The same goes for saliva, which spreads bacteria and can make your skin sensitive.

Now, if you brush your teeth before doing your skincare, it allows you to properly wash all of that gunk off your face. It’s a small adjustment you can make to your routine that will end up saving your skin from a lot of aggravation. This not only goes for morning routines but your nighttime routines as well!

If you’re someone who likes to brush their teeth more than twice a day, try looking for toothpastes that wouldn’t be as hard on the skin, like ones without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). If you can’t find that kind of toothpaste, continue using your regular one throughout the day carefully.

Photo 143339278 © Viacheslav Iacobchuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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