He Called His Family Out For Complaining About His Pregnant Wife And Accusing Her Of Being “Excessive” After She Kept Asking Them For Help With Things Around The House

Photo 159871312 © Opolja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is married, and right now, his wife is 19 weeks pregnant with their first baby. But, ever since the beginning of her pregnancy, his wife has been struggling with horrible morning sickness.

And since he commutes for work, his wife sometimes needs assistance from family members while she works from home.

However, his wife’s only family is her parents, who live in a different province. That’s why she’s been asking his family for help from time to time.

Once, for instance, she was working from home one day when her morning sickness became horrible. That day, he was at work, but his sister was off.

So, his wife reached out to his sister and asked if she could bring over some ginger ale to his house. At the time, his sister agreed, too.

Then, on some other occasions, his wife has texted family members for help with “minor things” here and there.

“Like asking my dad to come over and do the laundry because she was feeling sick or asking my aunt to come and clean up the mess from when she dropped a glass jar of tomato sauce,” he recalled.

He didn’t see anything wrong with this, either, because, again, his wife didn’t have any family nearby.

“And she only asks my family for help if I’m not available because I’m at work or not home. She’s not asking for the moon or anything,” he reasoned.

Photo 159871312 © Opolja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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