Her Younger Sister Started Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend, And She Wants Her Sister To End The Relationship

Vera - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Eight years ago, this 28-year-old woman and her now ex-boyfriend, who is also 28, broke up. Now, her ex is dating her 18-year-old sister, and she’s understandably upset.

Obviously, she’s unhappy about this for many reasons. The first is that the man her sister is dating is someone she was in a two-year relationship with. She’s also deeply troubled by the fact that when her ex met her sister, he was 18-years-old while her sister was only 8.

Plus, she knows that her ex isn’t a good person and has done horrible things over the years. When she expressed this to her sister, though, her sister said that since she only knows the person her ex was eight years ago, he could have changed over time and improved himself.

She acknowledged that this could be a possibility since she and her ex haven’t kept in touch since they broke up, so a lot of time has passed.

When she learned that her sister was dating her ex, she asked if she could have a talk with her, and she cautioned her to think through whether or not this relationship was a good idea.

“She cut me off, saying that she knew that I was going to tell her to break up with him. She told me that she knew I would try to break them apart and tell horrible things about him to discourage her. She also told me that anything I say won’t change her mind,” she said.

Her sister continued, claiming that since she only knew her ex as the person that he was eight years ago, she didn’t know who he is today, assuring her that he’s different now. Unfortunately, as the conversation continued, they started fighting back and forth. During the fight, her sister divulged more horrifying information about the timeline of events.

“He started messaging her while we were still dating, and he has already been secretly talking to her since then. They have also remained in contact even after we broke up, and they both already liked each other for a while,” she explained.

According to her sister, her ex was texting her from the start of the relationship (when her sister was 8 years old and her ex was 18), but they started texting more frequently after she and her ex broke up (when her sister was 10 and her ex was 20).

Vera – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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