His Half-Sister Wrote A Letter To Santa Saying She Wanted To See Him For The Holidays, But He Wants Nothing To Do With Her Since She’s His Dad’s Affair Baby

Anastasiya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this 18-year-old guy was 12 or 13, his mom and dad got divorced due to the fact that his dad cheated on his mom and got his mistress pregnant.

His dad’s mistress was eight months along when his parents got divorced, and then his half-sister was born right after that.

He absolutely hated that his half-sister even existed, and he promised to never be a brother to her at all.

Amid the divorce, the courts ruled that his mom and dad needed to equally share custody of him, and when he turned 16, he was able to choose to live with his mom full-time.

A year ago, however, he had to go stay with his dad for several months when his mom landed in the hospital.

A social worker told him that going to temporarily stay with his dad was the best choice, and so that’s what he did.

While living with his dad, his half-sister really began showing an interest in him, and she would follow him around and ask to spend time with him.

As soon as his mom got better, he moved right back home with her and quit going over to his dad’s house again.

Since then, his dad, his dad’s wife, and his grandparents on his dad’s side have reached out to tell him that his half-sister truly misses him.

Anastasiya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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