She Told A Guy She Couldn’t Date Him Anymore After He Lied About Having A Child And Claimed The Kid Was Just His Nephew

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 20-year-old woman recently started seeing a guy who is 25, and after they went out on a few good dates together, everything appeared to be going well. She thought the guy was really nice, too.

But then, after a few outings, she noticed that he had a tattoo of a child’s name. So, she obviously asked if he had any children. At that point, the guy claimed the name tattoo was for his nephew, not his own kid.

“And I thought it was cute that he had the child’s name tattooed,” she recalled.

However, after they went on a couple of more dates, she started to have some doubts about whether the guy was really telling the truth.

First of all, she realized that the tattoo included the child’s last name– which was the same as his. So, she didn’t understand why the kid had the guy’s last name if he wasn’t the father.

She also realized that the guy kept a car seat in his vehicle, which she found odd. Plus, he was never available to go out or do anything on the weekends. That’s why she started to become more suspicious and confronted the guy again.

“And he told me that he previously lied and that it was his child,” she revealed.

Now, the guy admitted that he just didn’t want to tell her about his kid. And she didn’t understand that because she actually wouldn’t have minded that he had a child. In fact, she believes it wouldn’t been a positive thing since there would have been “more people to love.”

“But I couldn’t carry on because he lied about it being his nephew,” she vented.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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