She Went Out On A Date With A Guy Who Knew She Was Having Issues With Her Phone, Yet He Flipped Out When She Didn’t Immediately Answer His Texts And Accused Her Of Avoiding Him

Photo 101893145 © Chichka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re dating, you expose yourself to a myriad of personalities. In the process, you might come across some people who take things way too far. They may feel entitled to your time and attention after just the first date.

TikToker Adrienne Driggs (@adriennedriggs) is sharing about how a guy flew off the handle when she didn’t reply to his texts in what he believed to be a timely manner.

Back in college, she went on a date with a guy she had met on a dating app. She arrived on her motorcycle, and her date had shown up with a bouquet of lilies for her.

He told her he hadn’t bought the flowers specifically for the date and that his mom said he could have them, so he decided to bring them.

However, Adrienne felt that the story was made up, and he had definitely bought them himself. The date went well, and he seemed nice. There weren’t any red flags that she could spot. But during the date, she had been having some issues with her phone.

It kept forcing a restart every three to five minutes. Since she had put her phone on the table, he could clearly see what was happening. She told him that she might be unresponsive for the next few days until she got her new phone all set up.

When she finally got her new phone, she texted him, letting him know that she would be busy that day and probably wouldn’t be quick to respond. She had classes to attend and was also working a full-time job. On top of that, she had some laundry to do.

After finishing her laundry, she jumped in the shower. While she was in the shower, he called her six times in under three minutes.

At the same time, he was texting her in a rage, calling her names, and accusing her of avoiding him. He even wrote that he hoped she would get into a fatal motorcycle accident.

Photo 101893145 © Chichka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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