His Daughter Believed That He Had An Affair With His Fiancée Before His Late Wife Passed Away And Refused To Let Him Have A Plus-One At Her Wedding, So He Didn’t Just Didn’t Go

Roman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Five years ago, this man’s wife was in a tragic car accident, and their children were in the vehicle with her. Unfortunately, his wife struggled with substance addiction and wasn’t sober during the crash.

For a long time after the accident, he dealt with immense anger because his wife hadn’t been sober while driving. His daughter was severely injured, his son lost his right arm, and his wife endured a traumatic brain injury and was in a vegetative state for the remainder of her life.

“She was basically braindead, and only her brainstem was keeping her alive. After talking to doctors and her family, I was ready to let her go. My daughter couldn’t accept that,” he said.

A year ago, his wife had pneumonia and passed away. After this traumatic loss, he and his daughter went to individual therapy and attended sessions together with her brother. Over the years, his daughter hasn’t been able to move forward or learn to cope with the loss in healthy ways.

Luckily, his job offers great health insurance, and he makes enough money to be consistently financially stable. A while ago, he began going to a grief support group, where he met a woman who was there because her husband passed away.

“We connected. Maybe a year after we met, we started a relationship. We weren’t as careful as we should have been, and she got pregnant,” he explained.

After having a discussion, they chose to continue their relationship and start a family. While his then-girlfriend was seven months pregnant, her doctors recommended she go on bed rest, so she moved into his home, and he let her stay in one of his bedrooms.

His daughter didn’t support his new relationship and was incredibly upset because she felt like he was cheating on his wife because he started dating his new partner before his late wife passed away.

Ever since he started this new relationship, his daughter was never kind or respectful to his partner, but he acknowledged that he was moving forward with his life possibly more quickly than his daughter was comfortable with. He and his partner got engaged not long after his wife’s passing.

Roman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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