She’s Humiliated That Her Best Friend Publicly Proposed To Her, As She Had No Idea He Thought They Were In A Relationship

“I don’t even really know what he said, if he did the whole, like, proposal speech thing because I was so confused, I was barely paying attention. Remember again, this is a super busy tourist city, so this has drawn a mini crowd now, coming over to cheer us on. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.”

At first, she believed Jordan was playing a bizarre joke on her, even though they never tease one another.

She honestly couldn’t imagine why else Jordan was proposing to her. And then, she laughed out loud.

But when she saw the heartbroken look on Jordan’s face, she asked him if he was serious, and he quickly shut the ring box.

Jordan then got up, shrugged at her, said he wasn’t serious anymore and walked away. She was left standing awkward as could be in a crowd full of people, many of whom shot her nasty glances.

She and Jordan were supposed to meet back up at a hotel where they had gotten rooms next to each other. She headed off to the hotel, waited around for awhile, and Jordan never showed up.

At 1:15 in the afternoon, she was worried about Jordan and sent him a text wanting to see if he was alright.

Jordan sent back a lengthy message, and he essentially accused her of leading him on before asking why she never dumped him sooner.

He also said she humiliated him in public, and he thought she loves him the same way that he loves her.

He finished his message by insisting he felt their relationship was at a point where they could take the next step.

“Now, this is completely out of left field,” she said. “I literally have got no idea where in the world he’s got this idea from.”

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