She Doesn’t Want Her Sister-In-Law To Stay Over Ever Again Because Her House Gets Trashed By Her Sister-In-Law’s Kids Every Time, And Her Sister-In-Law Doesn’t Lift A Finger

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you live on your own, do you ever have relatives who ‘drop by’ whenever they feel like it and claim they’re allowed to do it simply because they’re your family?

One woman recently insisted that her sister-in-law and her two kids aren’t allowed back in her apartment after they wrecked it on a recent last-minute visit.

She and her husband, Mike, have two kids, ages six and three. They live in a cozy two-bedroom apartment near the coast and have a nice routine in place.

“Life is generally good, but every year, Mike’s sister, Lisa, descends upon our home like a tornado with her two uncontrollable kids, aged seven and nine, turning our peaceful home into a war zone,” she explained.

“Last weekend was the final straw. Mike and I had planned a romantic evening. The kids were in bed, dinner was ready, [our] wine was about to be poured, and then the phone [went] off. It [was] Lisa, letting us know she and her kids would be here the next morning.”

Lisa and her two kids burst into their apartment around 9:00 am, and chaos immediately ensued. Within minutes, her kids began destroying things and messing up their home while Lisa sat down on the couch in front of their TV and asked for coffee.

Lisa’s kids’ behavior was destructive and affected everyone in the house. They knocked over her kids’ Lego creations, found markers and wrote on the walls, smashed in parts of their laminate flooring with a hammer, etc.

Meanwhile, Lisa didn’t do anything but watch TV.

In the middle of the heinous visit, Mike went to Lisa and suggested they take all their kids to the beach so she could have a break, as she was cooking and cleaning for everyone while everything was falling apart. Lisa refused to leave, as her favorite show had just come on, so Mike was left frantically trying to entertain the kids while she cleaned up everyone’s mess.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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