Accordion Hero II


accordion2.jpgSo I’m reading Computer Games Magazine and I see a full page ad for Accordion Hero II. I was A bit confused, a bit shocked, and admittedly – a bit excited. I hadn’t heard of Accordion Hero I, forget about Accordion Hero II. My curiosity lead me to the web site address listed on the ad, which was actually a very professional looking, well designed ad. Arriving at the site I quickly determined that this is all obviously a big joke, complete with very convincing 3D renders of the Accordion Hero II package, as well as a scary screen shot from the game. And well, it even gave me a good chuckle. But ultimately, I’m left aghast wondering who would bother doing this? A Web site is one thing, but going as far as to put an ad in a gaming magazine? It seems that someone has to much free time and money. accordion.jpg