My Studio Booth will Create Audition and Music Video DVDs for $20


If you have ever been to Six Flags, there is always the one section away from the exciting rollercoaster rides that has all the typical carnival booths… you know the ones for a dollar and you can win you or your date a teddy bear. Along that route however you’ll also find the intriguing make your own music video booth. It is cheesy and corny and most of the music videos made there look worse than any bad American Idol audition with the over-the-top green screen backdrops. Well it seems the need to indulge in our reality TV fantasy or make fools of ourselves is about to get worse.

Out with the cheesy and in with the high tech souped up version of cheesy. MyStudio is a self contained booth that will – for a price – let you make a complete and utter fool of yourself – I mean, let you make a professional audition tape. Popping up in city near you soon, for $20 per 4 minutes, you can take advantage of the booth’s 1000 HD backdrops and a music catalog provided by EMI. Tell jokes, sings songs, or act out your inner Meryl Streep. When all is said and done you’ll receive a DVD and your masterpiece will be uploaded to MyStudio.net for all the world to see. I dare you to head on over to MyStudio.net now to check out the Academy award winning performances….