W-41, The High Tech Clothing that Wears Your Social Media Identity on Your Sleeve

The W-41 is what techfashion is all about! This high tech shirt is anything but plain. It comes with a logo that if captured with a cellphone will connect the person who just took the picture to your MySpace page, Blog, and just about any social networking site you could possibly belong too. How does it work you ask? Good question – Basically you buy any one of the pieces of clothing available on the site that has this special logo on it, unique to only you with personal info and literally walk around with your social identity heart on your sleeve.  If someone passes by who happens to be familiar with this type of clothing and they have downloaded the software available on the site for free to their phone. The image is transmitted to the software download on their phone and your blogs and virtual identity is revealed for those to leave you messages or check out your social networks. T-shirts and sweatshirts for women and men are available in the colors vintage white, vintage black, and vintage brown. Prices are reasonable for this type of technology only costing $49 for t-shirts and $56 for sweatshirts. So the next time someone wants to take your picture with their camera phone it may not be of your face but your logo. ( Wired Magazine Nov 08′)

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