Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii Review

EA’s Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii is a random combination of celebrities and obscure sports that delivers pure entertainment.  With 10 different characters and 12 outdoor sports to choose from, this is
a game that has lasting appeal.

Each player can choose a singer like Fergie, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and Nelly Furtado or athletes like Paul Pierce, Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi, Reggie Bush, and Sugar Ray Leonard to play
anything from badminton to dodgeball.  I can’t help but think that the creators of this game had a wonderful time coming up with this melting pot of public figures.  What twisted mind thought that Kristi
Yamaguchi is someone who can compete in a rock climbing race?  Well, my mind for one, but I thought I was out on that limb alone.

I began playing the game by choosing Avril Lavigne, simply for the fact that I could not imagine her competing in an archery contest with a pink school girl outfit on.  Even though the graphics are a little
low-end, you can completely tell who each character is by their stereotypical look – Avril with her girly punk rock thing and Keith Urban with his long hair and t-shirt (even though, in my opinion, he
could pass for the 2008 version of Billy Ray Cyrus).  The whole basic idea of the game is campy, so the graphics didn’t make or break the whole genius concept. In a weird way I thought I was playing American Gladiators when I competed in the Joust.

The first contest I picked Avril to play badminton.  This was definitely fun, like the extreme version of Wii tennis.  Next I tried the rock climbing which was hard to grasp initially, but turned out to
be a lot of fun.  Throughout the entire game, the use of the controller was different than most other games I have played.  I ended up using my whole arm rather then just my wrist and sometimes shoulder.  This comes highly recommended if your Wii is also your gym membership.

Celebrity Sports Showdown is a silly game with a silly concept, but all around fun.  Playing it is like middle school gym class all over again…except this time I didn’t hide in the corner hoping to not get
hit with flying equipment.  If you ever wondered if Nelly Furtado could beat Reggie Bush in beach volleyball, this is the game for you. The best part is the price, for only $29.99 you can have a bunch of has-been celebrities take a beating at your whim. What more could you ask for.

The Good: Great campy fun with has-been celebrities. The game will give you a workout too!

The Bad: Once you play through all the tournaments, unless you want play as every celeb character. The game is pretty much over.