How To Send and Receive Faxes Online for Free


Are you looking to send and receive faxes for free online, even get your own free fax number? DepositDox offers you a free phone number and account where you can receive faxes. They store your faxes using secure encryption and will notify you when you receive a fax. You can store faxes in your account and even search through them. Their free account lets you store up to 1,000 pages and it provides you with a toll free fax number. There is a 250 page limit for the first month and then a document per day limit. Also you must remember to use your number at least once a month or you’ll lose your number altogether. There are premium plans with a monthly cost of $9.99 and up which of course removes these restrictions.

So that solves how to receive faxes online fro free, but how about sending them? FaxZero lets you send text, Word .DOC or PDFs for free right from its web site. However they do put an ad on the cover page. There is also a restriction of a maximum of 3 pages and a maximum of 2 free faxes per day. Otherwise they charge $1.99 per fax with no monthly subscription costs.

These two sites combined can serve as a completely free online faxing solution. However, if you’re someone who constantly sends faxes and need a seriously reliable send and receive faxing service, than you’re probably best going with a premium service like eFax.