Resident Evil 5 Review for XBox 360

If you like killing zombies in the morning, afternoon and even at night, then Capcom has done a great job of that in Resident Evil 5. The latest installment in a series of horror survival games has been brought to a new level of play. Capcom and has gone and transformed this usual single player game into a co-op zombie killers dream. Coming back for another round is Chris Redfield and joining him this time is Sheva Alomar. Sheva is the co-op player throughout the game. She is able to heal you and switch ammo, which makes the game far more interesting.

Chris and Sheva find themselves in war-torn Kijuju Africa which seems like it is run with mercenaries. With this area comes lots of struggle since no one is to be trusted but the Delta team, an elite team that helps guide Chris and Sheva at certain points during their missions. Chris and Sheva are on the hunt for bio-terriorist Ricardo Irving who is selling viruses on the black market and it is safe to say, they are not for curing anything. As Chris and Sheva push on they go up against infected mercenaries turned zombies and many super zombies that Ricardo has infected and sent out to destroy Chris and Sheva, this is on top of them trying to stop Ricardo from selling his evil viruses.

Some of the things that I ran into with Sheva was her ability to always heal me, sounds good, but if you were only hit twice. It seems there is no conscious choice to how much ammo she uses and when she heals you. As you know in the past Resident Evil games – ammo, weapons, and life are scarce at the start and her character shows no perception on what and when to use supplies. However, Some of the great aspects is that she is rarely in your way. Unlike some co-op focused games, when you have the computer playing with you, Sheva does not get into your line of fire a whole lot. She is there to heal you and reload your inventory with ammo – kind of like what a mom would be like if you took her on a zombie hunt.

Overall, the graphics are just incredible, especially if you are playing this on a 1080p LCD/Plasma. Everyone glistens with beautiful skin tones or sweat induced fighting. The Zombies look life-like enough that they may actually come out of the screen and kill you. So for that, I thank you Capcom.

The split screen is very different from how some co-op games have it. Instead of side by side or one above another, this is upper left to bottom right. I don’t think it enhances the game anymore but just different from what I have played in the past.

Another great feature that was included is the option of Xbox 360 live. I have been killing zombies since day one with my colleague and it has been great. Hence why it took so long to get this review out. I think I’m starting to look like a zombie in need. Xbox Live opens up the doors to different types of games appealing to the co-op type. Especially if you are playing with a friend that has similar skill and game thought. The best part of playing with a friend via XBox live is the fact of the split screen being gone. You both are traipsing on the same path side by side. You can go all the way to the other side of the screen to pull a lever, while your partner shoots to kill to give you some cover. I think as in all co-op games, it is also a great way for a gamer that might not be able to advance in levels alone and provide a helping hand to your friend in order to get through the game. Everyone should have a fair chance in killing some zombies.

Unfortunately the controls are still the same and are kind of a bummer. The best way I have ever described a Resident Evil game is the movement is stiff and you almost need to be precise when shooting. Now it isn’t something that makes it impossible to get used too but since the games action has been hyped up, it does make it harder to control when the levels get intense. There is a nice feature to let you customize the controls and you can select which buttons and toggles will do what but in some cases it still doesn’t help…

I would say this is a great buy and recommend it just on the movie sequences which are more intense then ever as well as the action. The loading screens also give die-hard Resident Evil fans a bit of nostalgia as it displays some RE history. It is great to see Resident Evil stand the test of time, I remember playing the first Resident Evil when the dogs jumped out and chased you, it still gives me the tingles (also I was in 8th grade). This is great for the avid gamer as well as the beginner, and of course ideal for any zombie killer out there. Resident Evil is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 for $59.99.

The Good: Awesome graphics. Decent storyline. Die-hard Resident Evil fans will love the latest installment and the nostalgia.

The Bad: Controls are still an issue and the weird split screen when not on X-Box Live can be disconcerting.