Sony’s New Digital Voice Recorders for Podcasters

If you’re serious about audio recording, and maybe you’re even a podcast pro, you’ll want to check out Sony’s new ICD-SX700 and ICD-SX700D voice recorders. These are not your run-of-the-mill voice recorders at all. Aside from sporting a pretty unique, and petite design, they are able to record in Linear PCM as well as MP3. That makes them good enough for even a musician. Sound Forge Audio Studio L.E. software is even bundled with the product for editing, mixing and transferring to CDs. Additionally, the devices are compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software so that you can convert voice recordings to text. The voice recorders come with rechargeable batteries, a USB docking station, and a memory capacity of 1GB. The ICD-SX700 retails for $150 and the ICD-SX700D for $200.

For those of you not in need of such a prosumer type voice recorder, Sony has also released several other voice recorders including the compact and Mac-friendly ICD-UX71 (1GB for $100) and ICD-UX81 (2GB for $150. The ICD-UX71 comes in silver, pink or red to match some of the Vaio line. Both of the players are also able to double as a DAP since they play back MP3s.

Last but not least, is Sony’s $60 ICD-PX720 which can playback and record MP3s, and the entry level ICD-BX700 with an MSRP of just $40 and a 1GB capacity.

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