Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary on Your iPhone

What better way to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary then with an iPhone /iPod Touch App. Recently released are three new apps for all the Hello Kitty fans to love. The first App is the Hello Kitty Anniversary App which will countdown to when she turns 35 on November 1st 2009, profiles her friends, updates you on the latest Hello Kitty News, and offers a commemorative movie ‘Hello Kitty Colors”.  The best part – this App is free!  If you want to shell out $2.99 then there is the iHello Kitty Tokyo App and Hello Kitty Camera. The iHello App will let you dress Hello Kitty up in what’s hip in Japanese culture. Does Gothic or Harajuku Hello Kitty sound like fun? The ability is all there and if you want to make Hello Kitty move, just move your iPhone/iPod Touch and she will jump or stumble. Lastly there is the Hello Kitty Camera App which will let you immerse yourself into the Hello Kitty world by customizing your images with Hello Kitty herself, accessories, logos and more. If you didn’t put your iPhone or iPod Touch down already – you certainly won’t now.

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