Samsung Announces the DualView TL220 / TL225 and the Connected Digital Camera CL65

camsSamsung this morning announced three new Smart digital cameras: The DualView TL220 and TL225 as well as the Connected Digital Camera – the CL65.  The DualView cameras feature the ability to get from behind the camera to the front of it for self-portraits and group shots. No longer will you have to be left out in a group photo, or guess what you all look like by taking one-handed shots.  There is also a rear LCD touchscreen with haptic feedback for easy menu scrolling or editing pictures with the Smart Auto feature.  The TL225 will retail for $349.99 and the TL220 will retail for $299.99. The only difference being is the back rear touch screen on the TL225 is 3.5″ and the TL220 is only 3″.

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The Samsung Connected Digital Camera, the CL65, is the one camera that will let people know where you are 24/7.  It’s feature set is rich and it is one of the first cameras on the market to feature Geotagging, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. It’s not half bad looking either! The CL65 will be available in September and retail for $399.99. Bye bye privacy. I can already picture all the celebrity mistakes on TMZ. This could possibly be the Twitter version of a camera.


Wireless Connectivity
The CL65 utilizes GPS technology to automatically geo-tag digital images, recording the latitude and longitude of where in the world each photo is taken. The location data is automatically embedded into each image’s EXIF file. Photo-sharing websites such as Picasa™ provide options for sharing one’s images on a map of the world and can utilize the information stored in the image’s EXIF file to pinpoint where the photo was taken.

The CL65 will display the name of the city on the camera’s LCD screen, providing users with a display of the location where they’re taking a photo, as well as a handy reference for when they are reviewing images on the camera’s LCD screen.

Bluetooth 2.0
Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity is also included, allowing users to share and transfer photos wirelessly and seamlessly. Using Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, you can beam your favorite digital images from the CL65 directly to compatible devices, such as mobile phones. When using Bluetooth 2.0, the CL65 will automatically resize the digital image to best fit the resolution of the host screen it will be displayed on.

Wi-Fi and DLNA
The CL65 is DLNA compliant (Digital Living Network Alliance), allowing the camera to wirelessly connect to other DLNA compliant devices, such as HDTVs.  This gives the CL65 user the ability to move content from their camera to other consumer electronics devices throughout their home. To maximize speed and efficiency, all images transferred through Wi-Fi will be reduced to a resolution of two mega-pixels.

The CL65 makes it easy for users to upload or share their digital images with others right from their digital camera. Through Wi-Fi, users can send a digital image to any email address stored in your camera’s address book or by using the camera’s touch-screen QWERTY keypad. The CL65’s Wi-Fi connection also allows users to upload their images directly to popular websites such as Facebook®, Picasa™ and YouTube®.

Smart Gesture User Interface (UI)
When it comes to smart, user-friendly features, the CL65 leads the way. Take for example the camera’s innovative Smart Gesture UI with built-in Gravity sensor, which lets you quickly access and use key features with either a simple tap or a hand gesture.

Using other advanced features is just as simple. With the Smart Gesture UI you can quickly scroll through your photos by slightly tilting the device in either direction or by selecting the appropriate photos for a slide show. You can also easily delete photos from your library using Smart Gesture UI by marking an “X” on the screen using your finger, or you can simply save your favorite photos into a separate folder. Additionally, if you want to rotate an image, you can draw a circle (O) on the screen, and if you want to see the next image in your library you can drag it on to the screen with a sweep of your finger or by simply tilting the device.

3.5” Wide Touch-Screen Back LCD
The 3.5” wide touch-screen LCD located on the back of the CL65 displays some of the sharpest images of any camera available today. This ultra-wide LCD offers a 1,152K resolution, almost four times more resolution than other traditional camera displays. Unlike other digital cameras, the LCD touch-screen uses Samsung’s unique haptic technology, providing users with a slight vibration and audible beep whenever they select an option within the touch-screen display.

Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS)
Samsung’s Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS) technology allows you to capture crystal clear, blur-free images. The CL65’s true Dual IS combines both Optical and Digital Image stabilizers to produce sharp images without the confusion commonly found in other cameras. The Optical IS intelligently compensates for hand trembling by shifting the lens in the opposite direction. When Optical IS isn’t quite enough, the Digital IS automatically takes over to ensure blur-free images.

HD Video Recording
Besides the ability to take high-quality digital still images, the CL65 also offers impressive 720P HD video recording at 30 frames per second. The CL65 uses H.264, which allows you to record twice as much content as MPEG4 format, and four times more than MJPEG, the format typically used in other digital cameras. The CL65 also offers HDMI connectivity (adapter sold separately) so that you can enjoy your HD video, as well as digital still images, on an HDTV or HD monitor.

Smart Auto
Samsung’s Smart Auto feature ensures that users never have to worry about their photos being washed out, too dark, or out of focus. Smart Auto analyzes key elements of your composition such as color, brightness, motion, and subject and then automatically selects the appropriate scene mode which will produce the best results possible.

Smart Album
With Samsung’s convenient Smart Album feature, you can quickly scroll through your entire library of images and organize them in the way that’s best for you. This unique feature allows you to organize photos by Location (if geo-tagged), Favorite (if tagged as a “favorite” photo), Face (someone you’ve taken many photos of), Timeline (date photos were taken), Week, Color, and Content (photos, videos, voice-note).

Perfect Portrait System
Picture-perfect moments at their best
Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System takes the guess work out of shooting beautiful portraits. Key features of this system are Samsung’s Smile Shot and Blink Detection technologies which automatically detect when your subjects are smiling and if their eyes are closed, allowing you to capture them looking their best. Another advanced feature is the Red-eye Fix mode. This in camera feature fixes the typical red-eye associated with the use of the flash, before the photo is produced, a significant time saver as you don’t have to spend time afterwards removing red-eyes from your photos.

Smart Touch Shooting and Auto-Focus
Sometimes the focal point of your picture is not always in the center of the frame. In cases like this, the CL65’s Smart Touch Auto Focus feature allows you to focus on a different part of the shot by simply touching the desired area. That means your subject, no matter where in the frame it may be, will always be in focus. Once you’ve selected the focal point, you can simply leave your finger on the screen for two seconds or push the shutter button to take the picture.

Smart Face Recognition
The CL65 features Samsung’s advanced Face Recognition technology which automatically stores up to 20 preferred faces to the camera’s internal memory. While taking a portrait, the CL65 will automatically recognize if one of the user’s preferred faces is in the frame and identify them as a priority for focus and exposure. Users can also save time sorting through their photos by searching only for those that contain a specific face.

Beauty Shot
Samsung’s Beauty Shot feature lets you remove all the imperfections on your subject’s face such as wrinkles, blemishes and moles. Simply select one of two editing options to even out skin tone and complexion.”

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