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DuoFertility With USB Will Help You Get Pregnant Without In Vitro Fertilization


ctc-008.previewMany women have difficulties getting pregnant and usually the solution is IVF. This is an expensive method that sometimes needs to be repeated over and over until successful. DuoFertility is an advanced fertility monitor that measures a woman’s temperature 20,000 times, every 24 hours to provide a very accurate reading of temperature changes in your Basal Body Temperature. Ovulation causes a change in BBT enabling and the DuoFertility indicates when a couple should try and conceive. “DuoFertility automatically collects BBT for analysis, and in addition a number of other general fertility clues and health symptoms, such as ovulation pain, cervical mucus quality and illness, can be manually input into the monitor to aid the analysis and improve the prediction.”  The best part is, there is no peeing into any applicator to get results. Just wear the DuoFertility sensor under your arm and DuoFertility will do the work for you. Then push a button to monitor if you are ready to conceive. You can even hook up the DuoFertility to your computer via USB to monitor your menstrual cycle and get other charts with its included software. The DuoFertility retails for £495 ( US $789.67) and comes in several colors: Midnight Dream Black, Lavender Mist, Candy Floss Pink, Moroccan Mint Green, Corn Flower Blue, and Cherry Blossom White. See even a fertility device can be colorful and trendy!  It may just be worth a ctc-015.previewlittle trip to Europe to get this for those who are having problems conceiving.