How to Enable Three-Finger Middle Click for the Mac Trackpad (and Magic Mouse!)

gestures-drivers-for-macbook-pro2-1The Macbook multitouch trackpad on new Macbooks makes Internet browsing a treat. You can swipe back, swipe forward, pinch to zoom, two finger swipe to scroll…it has become a real pleasure to navigate the interwebs. But just when I thought the trackpad did it all, I discovered how useful middle click on a mouse is. Middle click allows links to be opened in new tabs or closes tabs with just one tap. Unfortunately, until Apple releases middle click functionality we’re stuck using cmd+click to achieve the middle click…or are we? MiddleClick (for Snow Leopard) brings us the three-tap middle click for our multitouch MacBooks and Magic Mice. If you’re a power browser, this app is for you! The three finger tap does not interfere with any other gestures, and works quite well. Just tap, don’t click, otherwise the click will register twice. It’s free and open source… Enjoy!

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