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DataJack to Launch Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Broadband for $39


screenshot_023G mobile broadband on the go is great, but the costly monthly fees and long term contracts have kept it from becoming adapted by the masses. This might soon change when DataJack launches at CES next month. The service offers 3G highspeed data for just $39.99 a month, and that is without any contract commitments. On top of that, the service offers truly Unlimited data – it doesn’t have the standard 5GB a month limit that other 3G data providers like Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T maintain on their wireless broadband plans. DataJack also promises no early termination fees, no deposits, no credit check, and their USB modem costs just $99 at signup. The modem also conveniently has a micro-SD slot so that you can use it as as USB key as well.

As if that isn’t enticing enough, if you stay connected to the service for 12 consecutive months, DataJack will offer subscribers one free month of unlimited 3G Internet access.

It looks like DataJack is operating over a GSM standard since its web site says that it “Works seamlessly across DataJack’s 3G Broadband Network and EDGE networks” and operates on “850/1900/2100/AWS” with upload up to 5.76Mbps and downloads up to 7.2Mbps.

Until now the amount of contract- free 3G broadband choices in the U.S. has been very slim. Virgin Mobile offers prepaid 3G data but it’s costly, their $60 offering provides users with only 1GB per month. DataJack’s plans not only undercuts other prepaid mobile broadband options, but it also undercuts the contract based ones from the big wireless providers. Plus, with an “unlimited” plan not being capped by any megabyte restrictions, it makes the service tempting enough to replace your home highspeed data connection altogether. SlingShot Prepaid Mobile Broadband is another 3G prepaid mobile broadband alternative, but it’s difficult to locate a store actually selling it altogether.

Here is to hoping that DataJack launches with a good coverage area and is able to offer good speeds and great service, because if that proves true, I for one will be dumping my $60 a month Sprint data plan to move to them.

Update 04/15/2012: DataJack no longer runs on T-Mobile’s network, but it runs on Sprint’s network. They also no longer offer unlimited data plans. But their data plans start at just $9.99 a month without a contract. They also have a MiFi available for $59.99 + 200MB free.