FizWoz App Lets You Make Money Off Your iPhone’s Pictures and Videos

61344v2Every picture is worth at least one thousand words, but maybe you have one worth one thousand dollars. Start looking through your photo album because FizWoz makes it super easy to auction off your pictures. The FizWoz app, which is currently free on the iPhone store, lets you choose as many pictures as you want to auction off. Set your minimum starting price, a selling price, and a reserve price along with a title and description and you’re ready to go. I advise getting on as soon as you can before FizWoz gets flooded with other users also trying to earn on their captures. I was also surprised how quick you can get your picture ready to start earning. The process takes less than a minute per picture. Make sure to fill your titles and descriptions with good keywords. People using the FizWoz website have alerts set up for certain keywords.

You can’t buy pictures, or view other pictures, from the iPhone app as of yet, you’ll need to go to the website for that. But you can track the progress of your auctions from the app. FizWoz uses algorithms based on the category and keywords to determine how long to keep your auction running. They also have features built in to detect if it is an original picture or not. If it’s a doctored image in anyway it will just list as “unoriginal.”

I already put up a few of my pictures up for auction. Now I play the waiting game….Hey, who knows, maybe someone’s really looking for a picture of the Oscar Mayer Weiner truck chilling out in Times Square. Also what’s really neat is that all three of them are up on the fizwoz.com homepage as recently uploaded. I’m not even logged in—cool! Seriously—get your pics up now before it gets flooded and/or becomes a paying service or something. Videos work too!


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  1. wow…somebody bought my picture of the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck in NYC….that’s one dollar in the bag everybody

  2. wow…somebody bought my picture of the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck in NYC….that’s one dollar in the bag everybody

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