Hu2 Vinyl Stickers are For Your Desk Not Laptop

a4428ac25487e8a96117edc2beabf409Even though we are adults that doesn’t mean we stop putting stickers on things we like. The fact is that we just don’t necessarily call them stickers anymore when we get older, instead they are called ‘Skins’ or ‘Decals.’ So instead of just staying on the laptops and cellphones, Hu2 is making cute vinyl stickers for your wall, window, or surface of any furniture. The Desk Organizer collection features stickers with a different desk object name. When placed on your desk as a sticker its encouraged to put said item in its namesake sticker. For example there are stickers called  iPhone or Pens and Pencil. The Hu2 Desk Organizer Vinyl Sticker collection retails for £29.99 ( US $57)

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