Locked ON-Proxmity Sensing Shirt Will Alert When Enemies are Nearby

d1be_locked_on_proximity_shirt“Danger, Will Robinson!” is what you may be tempted to say when you wear the new Locked ON- Proximity Sensing Shirt from ThinkGeek. When you and a bud (or an enemy) get within a few feet from each other, the sensors on the shirts will begin to fluctuate and then lock on, depending on how close the other shirt is. This means in order to do this successfully, you both must be wearing matching shirts. Throughout the day if your target isn’t in close proximity to you, the sensor will just randomly scan and show a fluctuating pattern.Really, this is like an updated version of laser tag, minus the toy laser guns.  The Locked ON- Proximity Sensing Shirt requires 3 AAA batteries, and the design peels off so you don’t have to worry about killing the whole shirt in the wash. The Locked ON-Proximity Sensing Shirt retails for $19.99.

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