Artecnica Makes a Laptop Case and Desk in One

lapcaseIs it a case or is it a portable  desk? Hmmm…well how about both! A new creation from Artecnica is a Laptop Case that is crafted to be both a laptop case as well as portable workstation. The laptop case is lined with neoprene and comes in two sizes: 13″ and 15″.  This die cut case collection is designed to provide a soft laptop cover and a portable work station. Fold up the case and its a sleeve – unfold it and its a neat little desk.  There are no details as to how the case stays together, but I assume either velcro or snaps come into play somewhere. So no need to worry anymore about putting your laptop on a sticky table when you setup shop at your  local Starbucks for the day. Availability is TBD but I’m sure it will end up in some high-end designer stores soon.

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