iLuv Premium iMM178 Vibe Plus Shakes and Wakes You With Tunes

iMM178-front-SmallFirst spotted at CES, The iLuv Premium iMM178 Vibe Plus is an update to the iMM153 we reviewed a little while back. This alarm clock works as an iPhone/iPod dock with an integrated speaker, and a bed shaker. This time around the bed shaker not only shakes you awake, but it also doubles as a speaker that can wake you with music or an alarm. Leave it under your pillow, or in between your bed sheets and you’re sure to get shocked awake in the morning. We liked the iMM153’s shaking function a lot, but it’s audio left much to be desired, so lets hope that sonics have been improved this time around.The Premium iMM178 Vibe Plus retails for $89.99.iLuv-vibe-plusimm178-lowres1

Key Features:
•    Bed shaker vibrates a bed or a pillow to wake up the heaviest of sleepers and includes a 3-level volume control
•    Built-in speakers featuring jAura acoustic speaker technology allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity
•    Dual Alarm function for 7-5-2 everyday, weekday or weekends wake options
•    Time-sync function that synchronizes time for your iPhone & iPod
•    Large easy to read digital display with 10 level LCD dimmer control
•    2 Way volume control – from the main unit or from the shaker
•    Integrated universal dock for your iPod plays and charges your iPhone and iPod

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