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Kensington Nightstand Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod Touch Review


DSC06907Kensington’s Nightstand Charging Dock and the free Rise&Shine Clock and Weather app pair up together to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate nightstand clock. The nightstand dock can mount your iPhone upright and on its side. The dock acts as a kickstand for your iPhone, displaying its beautiful clock in landscape orientation. This charging dock is ideal for traveling by always displaying an accurate time and weather updates.

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Rise&Shine is a very nice clock application with three different clocks, customization, and weather updates. Brightness can be set in the app’s settings. When you’re ready to go to sleep you can swipe anywhere on the screen to easily dim the application so it’s radiating almost no light. The app is free, so you can try it out without purchasing the dock. Just make sure that your dock is properly plugged in to the wall because Rise&Shine will not alert you if you’re iPhone is charging or not.

Although Kensington’s Nightstand Charging Dock is really nothing more than a regular charging dock, it is actually the ideal charger. This dock will charge any iPod or iPhone, which is not always the case with charging docks. Your iPod or iPhone will no longer have to to lie down on a dirty surface. Rest your iPhone in the charging dock and prevent scratches, scuffs, and accidents. Make the most of your iPhone while it’s sitting upright and charging: Watch movies, run visualizers, display RSS feeds, or of course launch Rise&Shine and convert your phone into an amazing digital clock and weather notifier.

Kensington’s Nightstand Charging Dock can be purchased for as low as $22 on Amazon, but it has an MSRP of $29.99, which is the same price as Apple’s own iPhone 3G dock. Below you can find a chart comparing the two docks. The USB charging cord is connected to the dock, and it comes with a USB adapter for wall charging. Unfortunately, there is no audio port on the Kensington’s dock. We have a good feeling it will even work with the iPad, so we’re excited about that.



Overall, Kensington has come up with a clever way to make a charging dock/cable that much more convenient and useful, and they’ve helped to add to the list of reasons why your iPhone is a Swiss Army Knife of tools. So if you’re in need of a replacement charger for your iPhone or iPod Touch, than you really can’t go wrong with this purchase.

The Good: Free app extends combined with the dock transforms your iPhone into a clock and weather station, competitively priced

The Bad: Lacks extra features like an audio line-out