ORBIT is Everything the iPhone’s Phonebook Should Be

screenshot_07Orbit is a free iPhone app that can replace your iPhone’s phonebook with much more powerful features, including social media integration. The app lets you check on your friend’s Facebook, and Twitter status updates right from your contact list, so that you know what they’re upto before you even call or text them. Orbit also lets you customize how much “social volume” you’re hearing. So you can shift how much details you’re hearing at a time – so no more social media status overloading if you’re not in the mood for it! The app also lets you initiate calls, and send SMS and emails right from the contact list, so that you don’t have to do any extraneous clicking. Currently Orbit is only available on the iPhone but it will be available for the BlackBerry soon too. Read on for more details about its features.

Your Inner Circle. Create an “Inner Orbit” for specific social circles. Whether they’re college friends or family members, you can group them together to keep track of everyone’s updates.
Social Volume. With Orbit’s unique “Social Volume” you can control the communication from your groups of contacts by time of day, day of week, type of feed, birthdays, etc.
Managing Your Orbits. Orbit allows you to easily gather, organize and correspond with your social circles, all cleverly organized in one place.
Core Controls. Orbit promises to give you all the tools that you’re basic phonebook delivers – plus more. With Orbit all your communication channels are cleverly organized.
Enhanced A-to-Z Scrolling. Orbit improves the A-to-Z contact navigation on touch screen devices, making it much faster and easier to get to the contact that you seek.
Auto-Generated Favorites. Orbit organizes and consolidates your contacts and auto-generates a favorites list based on the people you communicate with the most.
Places. Orbit lets you search for local business listings, share listings with contacts, and save your favorites for future use.

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