One Click Dating Software Promises To Bring Women and Men to Your Yard

gI_0_ocdsoftwareWell for those lonely guys out there – a gentleman out of Slovenia, Europe has resolved your dating problems with software. Mark Dupont,  has built an intelligent software solution that automatically interacts with beautiful and lonely women on any dating or social networking web site, gets their telephone numbers so you can meet them on a date and possibly even get a girlfriend or start a new relationship. The software is called One-Click Dating and is a fully-automated online robot/communication tool managing messages for as many women as you want at once. The software pulls in email addresses of women off of Facebook, MySpace, and more and then incorporates it into this program making it a database of women for you to talk too. Then you can email them all at once or separately using default templates or you can make your own. CREEPY! From the way the software is setup , it looks like the ladies can use it in the same way, if you want to search for guys. I’m not even sure this is legal…especially if it where to get into the wrong hands. It’s hard to decipher the price of the software because the website looks like a scam site but from the on-line video demonstrations, it looks very real…

oneclick dating

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